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With the price of milk going up as I type, I want to write a little about it.  I was reading something this week about all the different types of substitutes and thought I'd share. I've been drinking skim (fat free) milk for years now and actually enjoy it immensely.  I don't even like the taste of whole milk at all anymore.  I know that's hard for some to believe because I hear things such as " I might as well put water in my coffee",  "It's just white colored water", "I might as well not put anything in".  Well, there are other types of milk you can drink ,add to your beverages, and cereals, you may prefer. 

These are in no specific order.

Goat’s Milk which has been said by the National Institutes of Health is easier to digest than cow’s milk but is higher in calories than 2% milk. This milk may not be good for lactose intolerance individuals. It can be found in Health Food Stores and some supermarkets.

Almond Milk  has 40 to 100 calories per 8 oz. serving and has half the fat as 2% milk. I tried Silk and Blue Diamond and they were both good.  You can find it in the Supermarket.

Rice Milk is said to be great for people who are lactose intolerant.  It is about 120 calories per 8 oz serving. Unsweetened rice milk has more carbohydrates than regular milk.  I only tried the chocolate flavored and it was okay. This can also be found in the Supermarket.

Hemp Milk is made much like almond milk  Its consistency is that of rice or soy milk.  The one thing with hemp milk is it has a grittiness to it and not everyone likes it.  It is fortified with naturally occurring omega-3s and 6s and good amount of essential amino acids.  I haven't tasted it so I can not say how it tastes.  i'm not sure where it is sold; I would think in the health food stores.

Coconut Milk  Yummy and  are only about 60 calories per 8 ounce serving. That's 1/2 the calories of 2% milk. You can buy this is the Supermarket.

Well, that's my list of milk substitutes.  If you have any to add to this list - let me know.

Have a great day!
 My life, for the past 24 years, has been a continuous process of growing and learning. At age 23 I was bedridden with Lyme disease for nine months.  I allowed my illness to take over my life, mind and body.  Had I known then what I know now, I probably would've only been in bed for three weeks. It was that experience that helped me to change my life forever.  I look at it as a blessing because since then my life just gets better and better.  I realize that I would not be the person I am today had it not been for Lyme disease.  Its funny how in some odd way, I am grateful for that experience. I do my best to find the hidden learning lesson and the positive in most of life’s situations and experiences.

I am a Self Empowerment Coach.  I am also a AFAA Certified Biggest Loser
®  Pro, Personal Trainer, Fitness Counselor and Hypnotist.  I am extremely intuitive, and have worked with Reiki, Thought Field Therapy and Kinesiology in the past. All of these modalities are instrumental in changing behavior and thought patterns. That’s what I’m all about

I was born and raised in the Bronx.  I always knew I wanted more out of life.  I was a fast learner and was recognized with raises and promotions for jobs well done.  I did know that I enjoyed helping others and wasn’t sure how this would play out in my future.  After my Lyme disease experience – I knew what to do.  The reason why that experience changed my life was because I was in a really bad place.  There was nowhere to go but up.  My Lyme was getting worse and worse.  I was depressed all the time.  I was on several different medications.  My sister offered some motivational Cd’s to listen to.  Until then, I was falling deeper and deeper into a lethargic, depressed state.  I decided "what t have I got to lose"? After all, I was bedridden.  After listening to the Cd’s over and over again, I felt like I had the opportunity to create a new vision.  I now had the know-how to change my thoughts, which would virtually change my reality.  I decided I was going to use these new found techniques.  To my surprise, within three days, I was out of bed and in the Drs. Office.  I said "Doc, get me off of all medications."  Within 3 days I was out of bed, within two weeks or less, I was walking on a track and exercising at home. I was a new person already.

During the illness, my position was filled.  Previous to listening to the Cd’s, I would have been devastated but with this new found attitude I was able to accept it and look towards a brighter future.   My new belief was and still is that all things happen for a reason so I was ready for whatever life had to offer.  I worked in other offices for a while, pursuing my interest in self-help through Cd’s, books, lectures, workshops and seminars.  I became a Weight Watchers Leader.  My passion has always been helping people so I decided to get into personal training and coaching.  I lost a ton of weight after the Lyme disease, but I was still not tone and firm.  I decided to train at a local gym an in the beginning hired a personal trainer.  I was then inspired to get my body into the shape that I desired and thought if I could do this for myself, I could certainly help guide others.  At that time, I became excited about fitness and received my first certification.  I then got my AFAA certification.  I also embarked on an all women's lower body certification.  With this new found knowledge, I was able to help my clients to radically change their bodies.  Within a short period of time I began working at health clubs and managing them as well as training others.  I loved watching people transform their bodies which also gave them confidence.  Throughout this process, I was also teaching them how to change their mindset, how to visualize what they really wanted, and how to set goals to achieve their successes.  I had mini-client workshops on how to make visualization books and boards, which I found to create lasting impact on their lives.  I am so convinced of the life altering changes that these workshops can produce that I still offer them on a monthly basis.  They are now called "Vision Workshops". 

 I attended seminar after seminar, certification after certification.  I wanted to be a motivational speaker but fear held me back.  You could read about that in one of my articles. I attended a weekend workshop and hired a personal coach. During this life altering experience, I decided that this was my life calling.  I could do this!  I could help others to change their lives the way I changed mine. For me, this is not just a career; it's my ultimate passion! It is my mission in life. This is my destiny!


Self Empowerment Coach